IOS Programming #1 – How to create a Table View with data using Storyboards

Objective: To teach a user how to create a table view with data using Storyboards

Prerequisites:  XCode, working knowledge of Objective-C

My first video tutorial teaches the user how to create a Table View and populate data within that Table view using Storyboards


1. Create a new Project in Xcode.

2. Create a Storyboard file.

3. Drag a Table View on to the screen using interface builder.

4. Create a Table View Controller for the Table View.

5. Declare the instance variable in the .h file to store the items in a NSMutableArray.

6. Populate the instance variable in the implementation file .m with a list of items.

7. Implement numberofSectionsinTable, numberofRowsinSection, and CellforIndexAtPath.

8. Go back to Interface Builder and associate the TAble View with the TableViewController class.

9. Build and Run the project.

10. You should see a list of items that you created in your NSMutableArray. It’s that simple!

Let me know of any questions you have surrounding this tutorial!




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