How to hire a great IOS Developer

If you’re looking for an IOS developer for a project, here are some things you should keep in mind when looking to hire a developer:


1) Check what apps that developer has made or contributed to on the app store

2) Check his/her Educational background

3) Check their github account for contributions and repositories.

4) Check their LinkedIn account for past companies worked for.

5) Ask them situational based questions. What would they do in a certain type of situation? How would they go about programming a certain custom control?

Basically you want to see if they can deliver on your vision. Many people say they can do things but the best people are ones who code and deliver great work.

Have you recently had to hire an IOS developer for a project? What things did you look for? Did you just land a job? If so, what was the recruiter looking for? Your comments are much appreciated!

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