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Welcome to IOS Programming Tutorials!

My name is Chris Ragobeer and I’m the Author of this blog.

You can find me on LinkedIn here: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/chrisragobeer/ . If you would like to connect with me. Please tell me that you came from my blog as I refrain from adding random people. :) But if you’re from this blog it’s ok! :-)

You can find me on Twitter here: @chrisragobeer

I started this Tutorial website because I found that people new to Objective-C had certain challenges in picking up the language. I believe anyone can understand something as long as it is presented in a fashion that they understand.

I hope you find value in the Tutorials that are put up on this site. Let’s learn and create some cool things together!

Also, if you’re an expert in a certain area and you would like to share your knowledge, please feel free to contact me or post in the comments and maybe we can collaborate on a tutorial post.


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